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Chase Away the Winter Blues

Article by Kendell Hutchison

Let’s face it, winter can get boring really quick. It’s freezing, cloudy, seasonal depression is at its peak. With all this cold weather, your only solution is to stay indoors right? It’s easy to cozy up in your bed all winter and hibernate and trust me everyone has those days. But this winter, don’t let the weather keep you down! There is still so much fun to be had in Lexington and across all of Kentucky. From ice skating to breweries, there is something for everyone. We decided to come up with some fun things you can do this winter in Lexington. So, bundle up, and get out there!

1. Breweries

There are so many fun, family friendly breweries in Lexington. Mirror Twin, Country Boy, and West Sixth just to name a few. West Sixth Brewing offers tours of their brewery and production system. You must register at the Eventbrite link up to 2 hours before the tour. Tours include samples of their flagship beers, and an opportunity to learn about West Sixth Brewing. These tours are free!! Free drinks and a tour of the brewery? Sign me up!

2. Coffee Shops

Lucky for us, Lexington is home to some of the coziest, trendiest, and yummiest coffee shops. Curl up with a good book or your journal at Chocolate Holler or Manchester Coffee for the unique drinks and clean, trendy ambiance. Or cozy up at Cup of Commonwealth or Third Street Stuff for a warm, eclectic environment! If you’re not in Lexington, Safai in the Louisville Highlands and Frankfort’s Kentucky Coffeetree Café LLC are some perfect spots to cozy up.

3. Painting with a Twist

Looking to let out your creativity and blow off some steam? Painting with a Twist located in Louisville and Lexington is the perfect spot. Sip some wine and paint the night away for a date night or a GNO.

4. Art Museums

Visiting an art museum is the perfect way to disappear into your own world and connect with yourself or your friends. 21C Hotel and the UK Art Museum in Lexington are both the perfect places to hang out for an afternoon. These art galleries are currently holding some incredible exhibitions. For more contemporary art, visit 21C and for some beautiful, classical paintings go to UK’s Art Museum! Let’s not forget that 21C is also in Louisville and is currently holding some beautiful exhibits as well. From collages, video projections and thought-provoking sculptures; these are some exhibits you don’t want to miss.

5. Movie Night with Friends

Like I said, it’s winter. On a day when the weather is just not your friend take the opportunity to spend the day with your friends and family. Plan a fun movie night! Build a pillow fort, get lots of yummy snacks, maybe even bake some! There’s nothing like hanging with your people, and a snowy or rainy day is the perfect excuse for a girl’s day.

6. Countdown Games

As you probably saw from one of our most recent blogs, we went to Countdown Games in Hamburg! An escape room is a super fun and exciting way to spend a frigid winter day. Save a princess from a castle, rob a bank, or break out of prison at Countdown Games!

7. Ice Skating

Even though Puxatony Phil says early spring, the Lexington Ice Center is open and ready for you to come show off your figure skating skills (or not). This indoor and outdoor rink also includes a mini golf course if ice skating maybe isn’t your thing, or if you fall too many times and decide to call it quits.

Lexington Ice Center

All photos courtesy of company websites or facebook pages, except where noted in the captions.


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