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Best Lexington Brunches

Article Written By Jamison Cooper

Brunch might possibly be the best activity to have ever been invented. It’s the perfect opportunity to get out of the house, hang out with friends, and just enjoy some good food. Lexington offers a wide range of brunch spots that you can’t find anywhere else. From casual to dressy there is something for everyone!

Josie’s is a great little spot and one of the first places I ever ate in Lexington. I remember 3 years ago coming here to tour U.K. and going to Josie’s with my mom. Since then I’ve been back countless times for their breakfast, dinner and everything in-between. 

Photos courtesy of Josie's

Doodles is another popular brunch spot and a perfect spot for a brunch date. The atmosphere is great and the food is inspired New Orleans. Their beignets are a must and the omelets are my personal favorite. It can get pretty busy on Saturday and Sunday morning so be sure to get there early, but the food is definitely worth the wait.

Photos courtesy of Doodles

DV8 to me is one of the most unique spots to eat that I’ve ever been to. Beyond the atmosphere and styling of the restaurant, the mission behind the business is what really piqued my interest. The business is all about giving people a second chance and offering them a safe place to work. I think their mission is amazing and the fresh baked goods are even better! Definitely a must go-to if you’re looking for a new spot to try out. 

Photos courtesy of DV8

Something a little more formal is Carson’s, a great spot all around for brunch, lunch and dinner. Carson’s for brunch is fun when you’re looking for an excuse to get dressed up and try some new cocktails. Their chicken and waffles are my favorite but they have an extensive menu so everyone can find something they like! If the weather is nice, the patio seating is the way to go! 

Photos courtesy of Carson's


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