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Best Kayaking in Central KY

Article written by Seth Cambron:

With the struggles that COVID has presented this year, many people are in search of new hobbies and activities as many businesses are still closed. Kayaking is the perfect socially distant activity that enables you to take advantage of the beauty that the Bluegrass state has to offer. Below are a few of my favorite spots around central Kentucky.

Perhaps the most popular kayaking spot in the entire state, Elkhorn Creek is perfect for beginning and intermediate kayakers. The 20 mile long creek is perfect for fishing or just a lazy day on the water. The only downside is that the creek is quite shallow and requires quite a bit of maneuvering in order to prevent scraping the bottom. Additionally, kayak rentals along the creek are available which is perfect for people who are debating on purchasing a kayak.

Though located quite a bit further from Lexington, the Beech Fork River is another jewel that the state has to offer. The Beech Fork River is much longer than Elkhorn as it spans 112 miles and eventually feeds into the Salt River. The last time I kayaked the river I was able to see a Bald Eagle nest which was very neat! Depending on the water level, the river can be difficult to navigate as the river has sharp bends in some spots.

Typically overlooked as a kayaking spot, the Kentucky River is terrific and is where I kayak the most. With some of the locks no longer being operational the river is not as popular as it once was. With that being said, it allows kayakers to not have to worry about constant boat traffic and allows for more peace and quiet. Though I have kayaked different parts of the river, the Nonesuch portion of the river is by far my favorite.


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