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Ale 8 One Delivers... Again!

Tam and I love our Kentucky based companies, with Ale 8 One being at the top of the list. So when they asked us to help out with their new product reveal, we said "heck yeah!" We met yesterday at the Ale 8 plant and took a tour of the Winchester facility, loving every minute of what we saw. It's there we learned the deets on what's been transpiring over the last two years. While we have sworn a secret oath not to divulge everything just yet, we can honestly say this is a much anticipated, monumental moment for all of us die hard Ale 8 fans! So... how can you find out what we are talking about?

Visit one of two events happening next week. First in Winchester and again in Lexington. We will be there with bells on! See below for the dates and times.

1. Winchester: - Courthouse Lawn on Thursday, March 5th at 3:30pm

2. Lexington: The Barn at The Summit on Friday, March 6th at 5:30pm

Join us Buds and be the first to taste the new Ale 8 One product! You will love it!


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