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5 Lex-based businesses you need to know!

By Alannah Molenda

Photos courtesy of The Cookie Social, Buttons Rings and Things and Cheesy Affairs

One of my favorite things about Lexington, KY is that finding a new business to support is not a hard thing to do, as the list just keeps building! However, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to see what all there really is to offer, and what better way to discover new businesses and creators than social media? The best thing about social media is that it’s where you can find more than just your typical small business. It’s full of independent creators and businesses that offer some of the most unique services and products.

I have done some digging of my own to bring you a few independent creators and businesses that deserve a look right here in Lexington, KY.

1. The Cookie Social: My most favorite dessert of all time is cookies, and The Cookie Social just took it to a whole new level! The Cookie Social is an independent baking business, headed up by the talented Rebecca McGrannahan. Order from the The Cookie Social for fresh-baked, custom cookies, with a theme of your choice. Truly, there may not be any theme or cookie that she can’t make. It’s perfect for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and more. Visit Rebecca’s Instagram for more pictures of her work, and info on how to order your batch of hand-crafted cookies!

Photos courtesy of The Cookie Social

2. Cheesy Affairs: One thing that you simply cannot deny is a beautifully made charcuterie board, and for that matter, you need to check out Cheesy Affairs on Instagram! This business strives to create elevated charcuterie experiences with high-quality ingredients ; whether it be a hosted event, an at-home gathering, or your big day. Different size options are available starting at $50, with all of them 100% customized to your taste buds.

Photos courtesy of Cheesy Affairs

3. Button Rings and Things: Jewelry/fashion lovers, this is for you!! If you’re looking for unique pieces to add the final touches to your style, take a look at Button Rings and Things! It is a Black-owned, woman-owned, micro-business. Owner and operator, Kara Traub, designs, creates, and curates each statement earring in small batches. The earrings are handmade with care right here in Lexington, Kentucky! Kara draws inspiration from her time in Spain, her eye for vintage and mid-century, and her love for Halloween. Shop Etsy and upcoming Crafts Fairs to find a pair for yourself. Follow her Instagram for the latest collections, sales, and giveaways!

Photos courtesy of Buttons Rings and Things

4. Corken Clean Eats: Looking to drop a couple pounds, but can’t seem to keep up with meal prep, and tired of sacrificing the happiness of your tastebuds? If so, Corken Clean Eats may be the next big thing for you! Corken Clean Eats is an up-and-coming meal prep service located in Lexington. All products are gluten-free, organic, and homemade. Corken Clean Eats focuses on making the meals you know and love, but low cal and carb friendly. Every meal is weighed and portioned to fit your specific needs. The menu is endless with delicious meals at a cost friendly price! Choose your meals for the week, and pick them up every Sunday. They are prepped and seasoned, so all you have to do is heat them up! Place your orders now at here.

Photos courtesy of Corken Clean Eats

5. Yellowberry Bakery: Excuse me, did someone say, “cake”? Oh yes, I did! If you’re looking for a specially made, hand-crafted cake for your next big occasion, follow the virtual path to Yellowberry Bakery. The face behind these beautiful cakes is Samya Quabili. Samya creates some of the most visually appealing cakes and desserts in the Lexington area all by herself. Next time you need a delicious treat, shoot her a message!

Photos courtesy of Yellowberry Baker


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