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Ale-8-1 Orange Cream, the Buds Review!

Ale-8-1 is as Kentucky-famous as horse racing, bourbon and hot browns. Since 1902, Ale-8 has been getting it right with their Original flavor to their release of Cherry Ale-8 last April, so it's no surprise that they keep getting better and better.

In May of this year, Ale-8 will be releasing their first ever seasonal brand, the Orange Cream, which is the perfect blend of orange and vanilla. Ale-8 chose Orange Cream, paying hommage to founder G.L. Wainscott who often wore an orange tie because it was his favorite color. Go figure!

Tam and I got the opportunity to preview the new Orange Cream this week and let me tell you, we were amazed. Rumor had it that the new Orange Cream Ale-8 tasted exactly like an old-timey creamsicle and we can confirm, IT DOES! Exactly! It's utterly delicious and extremely refreshing which is no surprise why they selected to release their new beverage just in time for the summer. Here are a list of other facts about the new limited Ale-8 product.

  1. Orange Cream Ale-8 is the first seasonal Ale-8 flavor EVER in company history!

  2. It will be released in stores in early May and will be available in the heart of Ale-8 country.

  3. It is made up of orange and vanilla and it has no artificial colors or flavors.

  4. The suggested retail is $2.89 for a 4 pack.

  5. It contains 120 calories per bottle, just like regular Ale-8.

  6. It has 37 milligrams of caffeine per 12oz bottle, similar to Coke and Pepsi, and less than Mountain Dew, which has 54 milligrams.

  7. This is a limited time offer and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  8. Their plan is to make Orange Cream a seasonal summer offering for years to come that may have the option of diet too.

The good news is, you don't have to wait until May to try this new flavor. Their are two more events being held next week where if you are the first 200 people, you can try this new drink and receive an Ale-8 souvenir drink! How cool is that? And bonus... Tam and I will be at the April 26th, Brannon's Crossing location, so come visit us and tell us what you think!

Thursday, April 25th

4:00 pm

Friday, April 26th

4:00 pm


Also, when you pick up your 4-pack in May, try out this new recipe appropriately called the Dreamsicle!

The Dreamsicle

2 Teaspoons of Salted Caramel Syrup

Orange Juice

Orange Cream Ale-8


Fill tall Collins glass with ice. Add salted caramel syrup. Fill glass halfway with orange juice. Stir to combine syrup and juice. Top off the glass with Orange Cream Ale-8.

PS. For a spirited cocktail, add 1.5 oz of vanilla Vodka!

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