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Add a College-ish Twist to Your V Day Plans

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

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Ahhhh Valentine’s Day. The flowers, the candy, the sense of love in the air… it’s all so wonderful. Yet, year after year, so many of us approach the question “So, what should I do for Valentine’s Day?” The chocolates and teddy bears are an obvious no-brainer but choosing how you want to spend time with your sweetheart can sometimes be a challenge. As a college student, finding something fun, convenient AND affordable calls for a bit of creative thinking. After consulting some friends and using my own creative genius, we’ve compiled a great list of college-inspired dates to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or any day) without breaking the bank.

Turn Up the Romance with an Indoor “Picnic”

A picnic in the park is an ideal date. But winters in Kentucky don’t always make this possible. A recommendation from a friend is to plan an indoor “picnic” instead. Cook a nice a meal, or even opt for a variety of finger-food or appetizer options, and set up shop in your living room. Choose to sit around your coffee table to enjoy dinner, or move it out of the way and lay out pillows and blankets. Twinkly lights or candles are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Don’t forget to pick out a dessert! Chocolate-covered strawberries or other sweet treats like brownies or cupcakes are great for sharing!

wine glasses and bottle

Relax and Indulge with Wine Tasting

Though this idea could be expensive, college-kids are fans of great deals. A friend recommended checking Groupon and other discount sites for wine tasting packages. Kentucky is actually home to quite a few wineries and there are wine tasting and winery tour deals for two starting at $29 on Groupon! There is nothing wrong with saving some cash on a wonderful experience like this. It would definitely be great for those who want to try out something new this Valentine’s Day.

Go and About Museum Hopping

This is one of my favorite ideas. If you love learning about art, history or culture I recommend trying out museum or gallery hopping. There are TONS of museum locations throughout Kentucky. Some even have free entry! Many cities even have museum hopping guides, like this one for Lexington. The best thing about this is it’s completely customizable. You can visit as many or as few museums and galleries as you would like. Think about making dinner reservations ahead of time or stopping for drinks in between venues as a way to take a break and have time to discuss all the cool things you’ve seen on your journey.

Take a Twist on Your Typical Dinner and a Movie

A twist on the typical dinner and a movie date, is to plan it as a night in. This is a great option for spending time with our significant other when you don’t want to brave the cold. College students are HUGE fans of using Netflix and Hulu during our downtime. Netflix is home to so many original films, as well as new and old classics. Using Netflix, Hulu or even an on-demand movie or DVD is an easy way to entertain without having to leave the comfort of your home. For dinner, you can cook something together like this heart-shaped pizza, or order from your favorite restaurant. Grubhub and Doordash are also favorites of college students and offer delivery services for restaurants who typically don’t have it as an option.

What’s better than having fun with someone you love while saving money?! We hope this list gave you some fun and affordable ideas for enjoying your Valentine’s Day. How are you going to celebrate? Share with us on social media, @KYTasteBuds.

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