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KY's Legislative Session - Be in the Know

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Last week marked the beginning of the 2019 Regular Session. Senators and Representatives from all over the state convened at the Capitol in Frankfort to do the business of the people. This is only a 30-day session because we’re in an odd numbered year; on even numbered years the legislature meets for 60 days.

The first four days were fairly quiet and calm in the House. They used the first week as an organizational period. However, the Senate passed five bills in the first four days; Senate Bills 3, 4, 5, 8, and 50 along with a string of housekeeping resolutions that establish membership, rules, and procedures within the Senate.

Senate Bill 5 seeks to amend Section 95 of the Constitution of Kentucky to hold the election of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and other statewide offices in even-numbered years, every four years beginning in 2028.

Senate Bill 4 would mandate that all campaign finance reports be electronically submitted beginning in 2020. There are a few other small changes and stronger consequences for failing to file.

The House has received each Bill passed by the Senate, so now the ball is in their court. We’ll see what happens.

The legislature reconvenes for part two of 2019 session on February 5th. That is sure to be a busy week as the last day for bill requests in that Friday, the 8th. Some issues that will be making headlines include; sports gaming, abortion restriction laws, school safety, and of course the failing pension system.

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