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MouseTrap to the Rescue

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Mousetrap – a device used for trapping and usually killing mice or other small animals.

I’ve become very familiar with this little death machine as the house I recently moved into apparently has been listed as an Airbnb for small creatures. I’ve used two different types of mousetraps, both proving effective and easy to operate. You bait them with cheese and place them in the area where you notice activity. At first, I felt bad about baiting them. I mean, who can resist the smell of a good cheese? If I were a mouse, I’d run towards my death excited to sink my sharp little teeth into the hunk of soft cheddar. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad way to go, eh?

Fortunately, however, there is a mousetrap of sorts for humans that promises all the delicious reward, but not the potential for death…which is a good thing! The MouseTrap in the Landsdowne Shoppes in Lexington has been enticing people into its warm glow since 1976. Their pimento cheese is legendary. In fact, I recently said in one of our videos that if you go to a holiday party or other festive get together and there isn’t MouseTrap pimento cheese, you should exit that party post haste and question the integrity of the hosts. I say that in jest, but it really is that good. I didn’t even know what pimento cheese was until my friend Holly introduced it to me years ago, something for which I will be forever grateful.

The house-made pimento cheese may be their most famous offering, but they have a myriad of other products. If you want to stop in for a quick bite of lunch, you can choose from their wide assortment of dishes and sandwiches. On a warm day, you will find many people sitting outside at one of their café style tables enjoying the food. Need something to take to a tailgate, a boxed dinner to take to a sick friend, or someone to cater your own party so you can impress your guests? The chefs at MouseTrap have you covered. They are also able to accommodate any dietary restrictions you or your guests may have. Great food of the highest quality is something you can expect, and they deliver time after time. I guess that’s why they’ve been in business for almost as long as I’ve been alive!

The kind folks there recently invited the Ky Taste Buds to their holiday open house where they showcased their delicious food. We gorged ourselves on their jumbo shrimp, smoked salmon, beef tenderloin, party rolls, chocolates and, of course, their pimento cheese. It was Leigh’s first time tasting it, and the look on her face was pure joy. I loved saying, “I told you so!”. The fact we loved the food was not surprising. What was surprising was the number of other items that lined the shelves, the perfect gifts for giving and receiving this holiday season. I love a one-stop shop. Fill your belly and pick up something unique to give to the food lover on your list…or yourself. Glassware, serving pieces, gift baskets, and Kentucky items can all be found at the MouseTrap. And if you don’t know what to get, their friendly staff are eager to make recommendations.

I’m so thankful to have such a cute little place to run to for quality gifts and food. If you haven’t tried the MouseTrap yet, don’t be afraid. It has all of the reward and none of the “snap” of your everyday shop. And to keep from having to leave a party early, be sure to pick up some pimento cheese to take with you just in case.

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