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What to do with all this candy?!

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Halloween 2018 is in the books, and many of us woke up this morning with one thought...what am I going to do with all this candy? While a great portion of it does get consumed by mom, dad and the kids, seems like you're still left with a mound that is left to decay. But don't despair, we have found five things you can do with the unwanted sweets.

1) Donate it to Operation Gratitude. This is a wonderful organization that will send your candy to our troops serving overseas. What better way to show our service personnel we care than by giving them a taste of home? There are drop-off locations throughout the country, one of which is in Danville, but you can also ship to their headquarters. Check out Operation Gratitude's website for all the details.

2) Make Blessing Bags. What's a Blessing Bag, you say? Glad you asked! Blessing Bags are plastic storage bags filled with items you can give to the homeless. The next time you pull up to an intersection, you no longer have to pretend to look for something in your purse or divert your eyes. Hand them a bag filled with items such as gloves, socks, lip balm, and candy. For more inspiration, click here.

3) Ice cream toppings. Why pay big bucks to go to a fancy ice cream parlor and have them load up your scoop with all those candies? Chop up candy bars and store in freezer bags. The next time you are enjoying that late night bowl of ice cream, top it off with your fav Reese's or Snickers. Just make sure you are using the low carb ice cream if you're watching your waist line.

4) Get your craft on. Christmas is right around the corner, so keep some of those Skittles and Twizzlers to decorate gingerbread houses, ornaments, etc. Pinterest is a great resource for anyone with a glue gun who values handmade over store bought.

5) Random Act of Kindness. KY Taste Buds encourage #KentuckyKindness. A great way to do this is by putting together small bags of candy with a note saying "Have a great day!" or "Stay sweet!" and leave in waiting rooms or anywhere else your daily travels take you. It will put a smile on your face, as well as the recipient's.

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