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Ways to Relax and De-Stress in Kentucky

Tam and I are always looking for ways to make life easier and more manageable. That includes taking care of our health and mental well-being. We have discovered many amazing and unique places to relax and de-stress in Kentucky. Please take a look below at a few of our favorite finds!

1. Pure Radiance: Let’s start with Tam's favorite way to de-stress and relax, and that is by visiting a day spa, and believe it or not, there’s a top-notch one in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky that just opened. It’s the perfect place to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. Beautifully decorated, modern and serene, it has a full salon, you can get your nails done, makeup application by professional artists, and esthetician services, including the hydrafacial. They carry Aveda products and a pharmaceutical grade skin care line. And men, don’t feel left out because they also offer services for you with facials, hair cuts and sauna Go let them make you radiant. Their website is Use the code MIDDAY SPA to save 15%.

2. Aqua Massage: It’s Hydromassage, meaning it provides relief from pain by using warm water to massage the soft tissues of the body, relieving muscle tension, stiffness, improving circulation, releasing trigger points and pressure on nerves which promotes relaxation. So you lay in tube, on your stomach with your head and arms out and there is canopy and liner system that surrounds you, allowing you to enjoy your massage with no oils, no getting undressed or invasion of privacy. Then a spray bar which has 36 pulsating water jet streams travels from your neck to feet, simulating a single “fingertip” massage and you actually feel like you are getting wet! The cost is very inexpensive starting at $15- $25 for 20 minutes. They are located in Nicholasville. You can check them out at

3. Everybody Fights: It may seem the opposite of relaxing, but actually boxing is one of the best things you can do to clear your head and get your mind right. What’s the first thing you do when you’re mad? PUNCH something! EverybodyFights, located on Nicholasville Road at Malabu Drive, has a productive solution where you can get your frustrations out AND get a great workout in. No adverse side effects (in fact, as Tam and I can attest to, the side effects are AMAZING). Try one of their BAGS classes and you will see how relaxed you can be afterwards.

They also have 16 other class types to choose from along with an open gym; something for every fitness level. Tam really loves their locker rooms. Very luxurious.

EverybodyFights is also building a supportive community that understands we all have something we fight for in life. Their website is And they are offering 3 free classes for you to try and experience them for yourself.

4. Source on High: Looking for a unique experience, how about floating? High on Source is Kentucky’s first Float Center. You actually float in warm, soothing water, in a floatation tank, also known as a "sensory deprivation chamber" with or without light and music; bathing suits are optional. It’s a fabulous method for relaxation, to boost creativity and engage in a deep meditative state. In fact, Tam and I fell asleep. SOH also offers multiple Wellness Therapies and Movement Classes, including acupuncture, a variety of massage therapy, Reflexology, and Far Infrared Therapy. They take a holistic approach to healing and right now they are celebrating their 4th Anniversary by offering a special where you get

1 - 60 min. Float

1 - 60 min. Body Rolling

1 - 60 min Glow Movement class

1 - 60 min. Mat or Sauna session

all for $85. That is a steal! Go purchase this deal today at

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