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Bourbon is King

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Brunch with the Buds: 11th edition, was just released and it's full of awesome information and discussion on one of our favorite Ky products - bourbon! Here is a little preview and why you should listen.

1. Bourbon is King! It's over an 8.5 billion dollar industry... yeah that's right... billion. So in the last year, we set out to learn more about one of our states largest exports and let me just say, it's fascinating. Listen and decide for yourself. Then again, if we miss something, let us know. From history to unique facts, we cover it all. Btw... do you know where bourbon barrels go to heaven?

2. If you are a bourbon lover like so many and interested in the latest thing on the market, then you must listen to our interview with Emily Toadvine of Wilderness Trail Distillery who talks about the much anticipated release of their Bottled in Bond, KY Proud bourbon this April 28th at the Taste of Danville. We will be there. You should too!

3. Have you heard of the Kentucky Bourbon Affair? It's considered the Bourbon Fantasy Bootcamp of the year! Tam and I got the opportunity to go last year and it was the bomb! We had no idea this event existed and we fell in love. In this episode, we share with you our experience and why you should check it out! It's coming up in June and we can't wait to go back!

4. Have you ever visited the Bourbon Trail? Well grab a passport and we will show you how! There are several ways to tour from bicycle to limousine. We got the inside scoop. How about make it a week long trip while staying at the glorious Chateau Bourbon in the Norton Commons area of Louisville? It's the only bed and breakfast on the Bourbon Trail and it's our very favorite place to go in Kentucky. Not kidding - our favorite!

5. Do you know that there over 4000 manufacturing companies in Kentucky? Everyone knows we make bourbon and Camry's but any idea what else we make? We didn't. We share a list of most fascinating Ky exports and let me tell you, the last item on the list is super groovy!! If I am on your gift list this year (and if not, I should be), this is the perfect present for me!

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