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Hippity, Hoppity, Chardonnay's on its Way...

It seems like things just keep getting easier and easier in life. Remember being a kid in the 80's when the microwave was introduced? O-M-G. Dinner in 5 minutes or, my fav, movie popcorn in just 2. And what about the release of the Walkman? Music on-the-go made bus rides more tolerable, exercise more doable and tuning out the world with the push of a button, easy - as - pie. So many great inventions in my lifetime from CD's to cell phones, ATM's to the internet, to actually checking myself out at the grocery store thanks to the technology of bar codes and electronic terminals. Man, has life evolved.

And guess what else is out there you may not know about? Ready for this? Alcohol D-E-L-I-V-E-R-Y. Yes, you heard me right! Beer, wine, liquor... all now just a phone call away thanks to Kentucky's first direct-to-home alcohol delivery company, Hops2Go. (Don't you just love that name? So clever and cute.) Hops2Go is located in Lexington and serves the Lexington, Nicholasville, Versailles, Georgetown, Paris and Winchester areas with potential market growth around the corner. And let me tell you, they are the next trend in effortless living, bringing your preferred beverage right to your doorstep.

Now, it just seems obvious to me why alcohol delivery is a genius idea but in case you haven't thought of all the reasons, let me give you a few.

1. It's convenient: Just this week, Tam and I were running behind, trying to handle last minute details of our podcast when we realized neither one of us had purchased wine for the show (our show is called Brunch with the Buds and of course, what's brunch without a beverage). So the decision was clear. Call Hops2Go at 859-888-BEER. Heck, even their phone number is easy. Why go out of my way to stop at the store and risk being late when I can just have Hops2Go meet me at the door? It was a no-brainer.

2. It's fast: Like seriously fast. Hops2Go is so fast in fact, they actually beat me to the delivery destination. I called in the order on my way to the podcast and literally they were there in 10 minutes. Now obviously, this won't be the case in areas outside of Lexington or in high traffic situations, but thank goodness Tam was there to meet Declan, the super nice driver, as I arrived 2 minutes later than he did.

3. It's safe: According to Thomas Towles, President of Hops2Go, the company was born out of the idea of keeping college students safe. No more need for late night "beer runs" with Hops2Go just minutes from downtown and UK campus. But here's the thing... it doesn't just apply to university kids. How many times have you hosted a party and the alcohol goes faster than your guests? Well, a great way to keep the party going without running out for more, is to call Hops2Go. No one has to leave and everyone is safe. Just be sure to Uber your guests home or make room on the couch for Uncle Dean. Don't drink and drive, my friends. Don't drink and drive.

4. It's a Life Saver: Ever had a bad day and just want to go home, take a long bath and a sip on a glass of wine? Or maybe fall into that comfy chair of yours after an exhausting day at work, turn on the game and drink your favorite craft brew? But.... oh no, you get home only to realize you are out of your much needed "medicine" (usually once you are in your jammies, btw) and you just can't bring yourself to leave the house to remedy the situation. Well have no fear, pick up your phone, and use the Hops2Go app or visit their website to have your goods delivered while you relax, run that bath water or click through the channels to find that UK game. Hops2Go to the rescue. (Thinking that little Hops2Go bunny should be wearing a cape.)

5. It's Fun: From Craft Beers, to their awesome Wine Club, to your favorite bottle of Bourbon, Hops2Go is a way to elevate your lifestyle. Don't believe me, check out their website and peruse their vast selection of products. Which leads me to a sidebar... do you ever feel dumb when shopping for alcohol? So many products with so little knowledge. Sometimes I just pick one quickly and hope I look like I know what I am doing. Well guess what, now you can be dumb in the privacy of your own home. Take your time to review the many choices or do like I did and ask Hops2Go for a recommendation. We loved the bottle of Mer Soleil they suggested for this week's podcast. Also, it's great to make a point to try something new. And speaking of about having a Girls Night In, where you order some Chinese and a superior bottle of wine (or 2) from Hops2Go. Now how fun is that? C'mon, you know you are worth it and so are your gal pals (well... most of them anyways. :))

So in summary, if these aren't good enough reasons to try Hops2Go, here are a few more. It's slightly more expensive than the average liquor store but extremely affordable and worth it for all the reasons above. To me, it's just like ordering a pizza. Some days, it just makes sense. Also, the service and store are impeccable. We are not kidding. We chatted with the staff and toured their facility, which by the way you should visit for 'Hoppy Hour'. We were amazed how clean, modern and totally cool Hops2Go truly is. But if you don't believe me, try it for yourself. I am sure you will be glad you did.

PS. To listen to our personal experience of Hops2Go, check out our latest podcast.

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