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Queen for A Day

Brunch with the Buds: 5th edition, was just released and honestly, we think it might be the best so far. Why?

1. We are learning the ropes. Every week Tam and I sit down to do the show and we are nervous. We are two bf's who have no experience in radio but are having a blast doing it. And we are starting to get more comfortable in our own skin. That makes for a better show. It's our hopes that you, the audience, will come to know us too. And maybe even like us. Fingers crossed :)

(And yes, I still do old school smiley faces).

2. We interview Maria Montgomery, a former beauty queen and model and we are happy to dispel the myth that beautiful women are shallow and/or privileged. Maria is honest to goodness, one of the nicest people that we have come across in our journey, who just so happens to be gorgeous. Her Kentucky roots, Christian values and insatiable work ethic just go to show that "girl power" is a true thing. Listen and see for yourself.

3. We talk marriage season and while this may seem boring to some, especially men, we put a different spin on it. We share the beautiful places Ky has to offer whether you are proposing, getting married or frankly just want to be a romantic. And I'm sorry, but there is just never enough romance in the world, so we love talking about it.

4. Tam and I share our experience playing "dress up". Okay, I know you are asking yourself, "Really, why the heck would I listen to that?" But here's the thing... we talk about the "why not"? Why not stretch yourself to listen to something that seems a little out of the ordinary and frankly, ludicrous. It's good for the soul. We hope it inspires you to do the same.

5. Lastly, as our favorite producer said, "It's like listening to champagne". Three women, sharing about love... love for Kentucky, love for happiness and love for life. Now, what could be better than that? May we pour you a glass?

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