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Five Ways To Be a Great Customer While Dining Out

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

It's the weekend! Congrats to all who persevered and made it to Saturday! More likely than not, you will hit your favorite restaurant for a delicious meal. But before you head out, please keep these 5 tips in mind so you will avoid being the talk of the servers at the end of the night.

  • Before leaving the house, think about what type of restaurant at which you will be dining. What's the price point? Will you be going hog wild and ordering appetizers, drinks, entrees and dessert? Great! Woohoo! But remember that you do have to tip 20% (yes, 20, not 15 anymore). Never stiff your server, especially on a $100 tab. And no, they will not put you in the back washing dishes if you suddenly can't cover your bill.

  • Avoid using your phone, especially when your server is trying to take your order. It's rude. I say love the ones you're with and keep the phone off the table.

  • Wait patiently for your server to return to your table and never try to get their attention by shaking your empty glass, snapping your fingers, or, God forbid, yelling their name across the restaurant. They're not going to disappear. They will come back to you.

  • Give your server your complete attention when they arrive to take your order or ask about refills, etc. To keep on talking to others at your table and ignoring him/her is not going to make them want to return, and it keeps them from serving the other tables to which they're assigned.

  • Be mindful of the time! If it's a busy Friday or Saturday night, you cannot enjoy the luxury of a 2- or 3-hour dining experience. The servers need to turn that table over several times in order to make good money, and the other people that have decided to dine out that evening really don't want to wait to be seated for hours while you linger over the last drop of wine. Move the party somewhere else.

We all know that good service can be the hallmark of a fantastic dining experience, but remember as a customer you have an important role to play as well. Keep these five things in mind and you will make your server's shift more of a pleasure than a pain. Remember, these people are oftentimes working to further their education by working double shifts. So be kind, be mindful and bon appetit!

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