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Kentucky Hot Brown - The Easy Way

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The Hot Brown is a culinary staple in our state, having been created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville back in the '20s for guests weary after a long night of dancing and drinking. This open-faced sandwich consists of all manner of yummy: bread, cheese, ham, turkey, bacon, tomatoes. Oh, and did I say bacon? Definitely bacon. Don't forget the bacon! If you haven't traveled to Louisville to try the legendary dish at the Brown Hotel, you are missing out, but don't worry, we have you covered if you are craving one and don't have a lot of time or experience in the kitchen (like my friend Leigh).

Thanks to this fabulous new product called Kentucky Hot Brown Sauce ( you can produce this dish in no time and it's sure to make you look like the star of your next tailgate or potluck. Here's how:


  • Mini phyllo (filo) shells (freezer section of grocery store)

  • Kentucky Hot Brown Sauce

  • Ham and/or turkey thinly sliced

  • Roma tomatoes

  • Bacon (cooked extra crisp)


  • Cook bacon, mash into crumbles

  • Dice ham and/or turkey

  • Dice tomatoes

  • In each fillo shell, place diced ham and/or turkey, top with spoonful of Kentucky Hot Brown Sauce, top with tomatoes

  • Place in oven and cook for approximately 15 minutes on 350 until cheese is bubbly

  • Remove from oven and add bacon bits to each

That's it, folks! How easy is that?! And doesn't it look terrific? Oh, and by the way, this Kentucky Hot Brown Sauce is good for lots of other dishes as well! How about some yummy nachos, a dip for crudité, in a casserole? Be still my beating heart! I love it when I can find a product that makes my life easy peasy, not to mention delicious! Get your Kentucky Hot Brown Sauce at their website ( Enjoy!

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