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Ooohh, I Wanna Dance with Somebody...

As long as I can recall, I have always loved to dance. I remember quite well and embarrassingly so, that my mother used to make me "perform" my self-made dance routines for relatives. Apparently, I created some sort of move when I was about 7 that mom was so proud of she wanted all family members to see. (That wasn't awkward...) Honestly, I think it was the early makings of the Running Man. In fact, it's quite possible I am the one who invented it. Come to think of it, I might just petition to have it re-titled, the Running Wo-man. If only I had video proof!

Nevertheless, it should be no surprise to the family folks that I had a little rhythm. My dad, Moe, played drums and piano, had dance steps that supposedly swooned the ladies (vomit), and when he retired at age 55, became a DJ calling himself "Mo' Music". My mom, who met my dad at age 22 at a dance competition, was also known for her slick groove, catching the eye of my Casanova father and somehow charming him into marriage TWO WEEKS later! Now that's good dancing! (Okay, for real, I'm really about to puke). Anyway, I like to think that their dancing DNA trickled down to me, and whether or not I'm a good dancer is neither here nor there. The fact is, I just looovvveeee to dance. Period!

So, anytime I get the opportunity to dance outside of my house on cleaning day, I do it. When Tam called and told me about one of our favorite bands, Radio 80, playing at Lakeside Live at Lexington Green, I was all over it! It's one thing to dance at home with your broom; it's another to cut up the rug to songs you grew up on, out on on a dance floor with flashing lights and .... people. I have to say, I really had the time of my life! Lexington Green is a fantastic place to sit outside, watch the beautiful sunset, have a few draft beers or frilly cocktails, and soak in the jams! Yes, my friend, it's perfect!! The greatest thing was it was a mix of all ages, so we didn't feel like we were out on the prowl at some night club. In fact, there were little kids on the dance floor. They made great dance partners! (See Exhibit A below) Btw, it's not lost on me that I look like a fish. Ha! Heck, even Bill Meck, our local weatherman, was there! Songs from my fav artists like Prince, Journey, Tears for Fears, and Billy Idol played on and on. It was a blast! You feeling me, yet?

So, if you like to dance and/or love live music, here is the scoop on how you can join in the fun all summer long!

1. Visit Lexington Green Lakeside Live, select Events and browse the schedule, June - September (varies from Thursday - Sunday). Time starts at 7 and it's FREE people!

2. Peruse the musical offerings. There will be Country, Jazz, Blues, Funk, etc... even a little karaoke if you are a good singer. And if you aren't and still want to perform, CALL ME. I want to be there.

3. If you want a good seat or one offered by Lexington Green, you need to get there early. Some people arrive as early as 4:30.

4. Otherwise, bring a chair. You want to relax and have a good time and rest in between your aerobic dance sessions.

5. Bring a little cash as you will want to purchase from their food trucks, cocktail and beer stations, or eat afterwards at Palmers, Jax, or Bronte Bistro at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

6. Wear comfy shoes. I know it's important to look cute but you gotta get on the dance floor and you may have a little walk to the parking lot when it's over. However, there is a trolley that will transport you from the upper parking lot down to the venue and back after the show.

7. Bring your kids... or not! It's fun for the whole family, with a date, or with your #BFFs.

8. DANCE! Don't be shy. Everyone is waiting for that first person to get on the floor, it might as well be you! I had no shame in my game when I was the first to step out. Trust me... people will follow.

9. Have a blast! The atmosphere is so carefree and relaxed. It's a great time to chill and enjoy the outdoors!

10. Call an Uber or have a responsible driver. Be careful - for yourself and the safety of others.

Well, that's about it! I am planning my next dance night out as we speak! May even call my mom and dad next time. Just think, the whole fam crew in action. Now, won't that be a treat! (Okay, it's official... I just threw up, this time!)

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