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  • Alannah Molenda

10 Local Activities for College Kids - Take a Break from Those Books!

By Alannah Molenda

From the outside perspective, being a college student is a pretty impressive status to have. Family and friends commend you for your hard work and dedication to the books. However, do they really understand what it’s like? The sleepless nights, endless hours of study time, mental breakdowns, and coffee fasts… It can get a little overwhelming. As a current senior at the University of Kentucky, I can support that with personal experience. College is not for the weak, and sometimes you really just need a break from the reality of it. So I started wondering, “What are some activities that students typically do during their off-time? Any certain activities, favorite businesses, hobbies?” What better way to find out than to ask some local students, so that’s what I did.

After reaching out to a few of my fellow college students in the area, I got some great recommendations on where to go/what to do in Lexington when you’re ready for a break from the books. Check them out below:

1. Crank & Boom Ice Cream Lounge: As we transition into warmer weather,

swing by this local business to enjoy the perfect sweet treat! From what I’ve been

told, you can’t go wrong with the S’Mores sundae. Current UK student,

Ty Duckywyler, says that Crank & Boom has the best ice cream in Lexington.

You’re sure to be satisfied if you stop here during your homework escape.

2. CycleBar Lexington: For those of you looking to burn a few hundred calories

in your off time, visit CycleBar at Fritz Farm. Victoria Aikin, student at the

University of Kentucky, highly recommends CycleBar for a fun way to release your

school stresses, and get in shape for the summer!

3. Creative Yoga: There’s no better way to relieve your hard working mind than

a nice, relaxing, heated yoga class at Creative Yoga. Katie Baldock, student at the

University of Kentucky and certified yoga instructor, speaks highly of this local

business. Luckily for students, you can sign up for the College Student package

for discounted classes!

4. Malibu Jacks: College is where you’re supposed to be an adult, but what about

when you feel like unleashing your inner 10 year old self? Head on over to Malibu

Jacks and enjoy an evening full of games, bowling, prizes, and pizza. According to

Leah Smith-Mensah, UK student, “this place never gets old, even when you’re

getting old!”

5. The Burl Arcade: Perhaps you’re still looking to unleash your inner 10 year old

self, but with a twist of your 21+ self and a throwback to the 80’s. In that case, you

may want to visit the Burl Arcade. Lexi Long, current student at the University of

Kentucky, suggests that this is the best place to spend your short vacation away from

school work. Gather a few of your best buds (who are of age, of course), and spend

the evening playing some vintage arcade classics, along with your favorite cocktail!

6. Brevede Coffee Co: Maybe those coffee fasts, while bearing the brunt of a full day of classes just isn't enough caffeine to keep you happy. For me, that is sadly the

case. I will admit that I may possibly be a self-aware caffeine addict. I love a good

coffee, but what I love even more is a chill, relaxed setting to drink it in. Starbucks

can be a little too hectic, but Brevede Coffee Co… it’s just right. On my breaks away

from 18 hours of class work, I love to go here and spend time catching up with

friends or reading a book. It’s fairly new to the area, so if you haven’t been, check it


7. Prive Med Spa: When college life gets too hard, sometimes you just have to wipe

away the tears, log out of your Canvas portal, go to,

and book a facial…Seriously though!! Sarah McLeod, UK student, agrees that a facial

at Prive Med Spa is the ultimate way to spend your homework-free time, and I’ll

have to second that.

8. XOXO Lounge: Calling all night owls… If you’re 21+, love modern music, great

drinks, and thrive off of the night life, you’ll love it here! According to Megan Atkins,

student at BCTC, this is the new spot for all the college kids (or adults, if you will). If

you’d prefer spending your daytime breaks in the bed, this might be the new move

for you!

9. Jacobson Park: The temperature is rising, and Spring is undeniably the best time

to spend a day at the park. Dominique Rooney, Midway University student and

boy mom, says that she enjoys spending her down time taking her son to play and

picnic at Jacobson Park. She believes it's the nicest and friendliest park in

Lexington. Maybe you don't have kids, but how about a dog? Soak up some sun at

the park with your furry pal, or round up a group of friends to play a game of

kickball. Nothing boosts serotonin like a day in the sun!

10. The Summit at Fritz Farm: Need more than a 3 hour break? Head over to

The Summit at Fritz Farm and spend a whole day! Maddy Krogman, student at the

University of Kentucky, claims that The Summit is the best place to spend your free

day. Grab lunch at Blue Sushi Sake Grill, followed by a few hours of shopping at

Free People, Anthropologie, Fabletics, and more! Finish your day with dinner

at CRU Food & Wine Bar, and dessert at Steel City Pops. Put up that textbook,

throw on your best outfit, and head to The Summit for a day getaway!


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