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What's Your Fantasy?

As a child of the 70’s, I grew up on TV, and every Saturday at 10:00 was one of my favorite Aaron Spelling productions, Fantasy Island. The premise of the show was an island in the Pacific welcomes guests to live out their fantasies. Ricardo Montalban was the mysterious Mr. Roarke and his sidekick, Tattoo, would run to the top of the bell tower, ring the bell, and utter the famous phrase, “The plane! The plane!” to alert staff that guests were arriving. The show was entertaining, to say the least, and it covered the gamut from someone trying to track down Jack the Ripper to a guest simply wanting to be reunited with a loved one. One thing was certain, the people paid big bucks to come act out their fantasies, and it usually did not go as the guest planned. For a young person, like myself, I thought the idea of this show was just out of this world. If only it could happen in real life!

Fast forward to 2020. The world is currently suffering through the Covid-19 pandemic with most of the world’s population in quarantine and the economy in the tank. As of the date of this writing, things are slowly opening back up in the United States. People are emerging from their home sanctuaries to a changed world, one where masks are worn, six feet of distance must be maintained from others, and a cough or sneeze can cause slight panic to those around you. Now, more than ever, I think we could all use a fantasy, and can be your Mr. Roarke.

At you will find a huge database of unique Airbnb options across the globe. Is your dream to sleep among the treetops in a treehouse and pretend you’re Tarzan and Jane? How about traveling to Middle-earth and staying in a hobbit hut? For game lovers, a house with the largest word search, a giant Lite-Brite wall, a residential escape room and an actual TV game show studio complete with buzzers might be the perfect setting for your next family reunion. Or maybe you want to be Jacques Cousteau and go underwater to sleep among the fishes. These are just a few of the amazing adventures you can go on. Recently, Leigh had the opportunity to stay at the Game of Thrones-inspired room here in Lexington, Kentucky, and for a die-hard fan, it is a must-do. Here's what she had to say.

"Most of us Game of Thrones fans have had at least one or two or a hundred moments where we imagined ourselves in the world of Westeros, what it must be like to drink an ale with Tyrion or ride high like Daenerys on a dragons back, or snuggle with Jon Snow on the coldest of nights at Winterfell. While those desires will never be realized, there is a place you can visit and revel in the Game of Thrones magic.

This past February Tam gifted me a night's stay at the Game of Thrones suite through Overjoyed and completely surprised, I booked my night's stay for May, not knowing, of course, that a pandemic would be in full force. However, a May stay-cation during COVID-19 could not have been better timing, especially in the plush and unique GOT fantasy suite.

From the red velvet curtains to the magnificent wooden bed fit for a king, this room screams GOT. Medieval-style weaponry adorns the "tree of life" fireplace while a caged dungeon rests beneath the bed. The super lux bathroom is covered in wall to wall black marble, with a center floor inlaid compass grasping your focus. There is a must-experience steam shower for two, a custom coffee bar with touch-screen access to your favorite cafe brews, an old-world armoire hiding away a collection of "romantic" games, plus a cabinet full of snacks and drinks. Simply perfect. So much detail done right!

The GOT suite is located in downtown Lexington among several of the city's finest restaurants, shops and bars. Establishments are just footsteps away, but you can also hop on the Airbnb's bicycles to explore. It's hard to adequately convey this one-of-a-kind experience. It's something you must see and feel for yourself. It's definitely one of my favorite places I have ever stayed and the best part is, it's just minutes away; I can go back anytime! The cost is super affordable and it makes the perfect gift.

Thank you to Fantasy Stays for such a mystical and unforgettable evening, and thank you to Tam for the world's best birthday present ever!" - Leigh

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