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That's What He Said

By Leigh R:

Looking for that fabulous present for your man? I have the answer for you. Last week, my boyfriend had a birthday and like most men in my life, I was at a loss for ideas. Frankly, men can be hard to buy for. After several weeks of heavy contemplation, I remembered something he said months ago in passing and just like that, I knew the answer. Window tinting!

Now that may not sound sexy or romantic, but let's face it girls... those types of gifts are usually NOT what our fellows are looking for. Don't get me wrong, I know there are several dudes out there who like the massage coupon books and the candlelit home-cooked meals, but it's rare to find a man who doesn't like bells and whistles on their ride.

Front Door Windows: Pre-Tinting

Once I embraced the notion, I did my research to find the right provider at the right cost. I must have sent 15 emails inquiring about such services, but there were only two companies that answered, with the first being KK Auto Detailing located in Georgetown, KY.

Not knowing exactly what the process consisted of, I asked Karl several questions and he answered each one clearly and concisely. By the end of the call, I had my first lesson in window tinting 101. Because there are so many choices, we agreed that the best way to handle it was for my boyfriend to choose which meant I needed to lure him to the shop.

You can imagine the surprise when I told Stevie J. (yes, that's what I call him) that we were going for a pedicure and ended up on the doorstep of KK Auto Detailing. Although I am convinced (he, not so much), that he would love a good day at the spa, I saw nothing but overwhelming relief and joy when he put two and two together and realized that the only things getting "polished" that day, were his truck windows.

I hadn't even noticed that Stevie J's truck had three out of five windows already tinted - that's how much I pay attention to that stuff. But it was no problem for Karl to match the color perfectly. And with only two windows, the total time for installation took less than 45 mins. Just enough time for a birthday breakfast in between.

So, if you are in the market for a "manly" birthday or special occasion gift, just do what he said. He will be one, happy guy. KK Auto Detailing is the way to go! Here's why:

1. KK Auto Detailing is a 3M Automotive Window Film dealer. 3M is a Kentucky company and we love supporting our KY economy.

2. Their window tint is machine cut with precision, carrying a Lifetime Warranty protecting against any manufacturer defects. 3. Automotive window film increases vehicle value, reduces glare and temperature. It blocks 99% harmful UV rays and has a lifetime warranty. (Some restrictions apply. See website for details.)

3. They have various tinting shades, take appointments and are reasonably priced!

4. Their customer service is on point! Take it from someone who knows!

They also offer other services if you don't need tinting such as auto detailing, pet hair removal, waxing, odor removal, protectant and more.

I can't say enough good things about Karl and the gang at KK Auto Detailing. To say my boyfriend was pleased, is a total understatement. Just look at the 'after" photo below. Nice! If you want to impress your man like I did, give these guys a call. They are the best! Tell them the Kentucky Taste Buds sent you!

KK Auto Detailing, 153 Edwards Ave Georgetown, KY 40324 | 502-868-6133


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