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Seeing Clearly with 2020 Eyemax

I have had eyeglasses as long as I can remember. Besides being blessed with my dad's height and my mom's pretty eyes, I was also handed down the gene of nearsightedness. I pretty much can't see anything unless it's an inch in front of my face, so eyeglasses and later contacts have been a constant in my life. And boy, did I sport those glasses or what? Yikes! At that time there were few choices when it came to eye doctors and types of lenses, but these days the choices are abundant. You can order your glasses online and have them shipped to you; you can go into an optometrist's office; you can have laser surgery and never need glasses or contacts again! (Wouldn't that be nice?!) One thing all of these options have in common, however, is they are all expensive! If only there was a reasonably priced place that offered top-notch optometry services, all with a personalized approach. Well, I've found it, y'all! It's 2020 Eyemax conveniently located at the corner of Harrodsburg Rd and New Circle.

This newly opened office is the product of the hard work of Dr. Kari Carpenter and Dr. Allyson Lane. These ladies have worked together for a number of years and decided to elevate the whole optometry experience. Being in the business as long as they have, they knew that the cost of eyeglasses is one of the biggest rackets around. Who wants to spend upwards of $600 for a pair of glasses? With this in mind, they set out to create their own line of eyewear and they call it A&K. These stylish frames are hand-selected, versatile and made of exceptional materials. The pricing model is simple and straightforward. Their frames are all $95. Single vision prescription is $145 and progressive bifocals $295. Need prescription sunglasses or ones with that special blue light blocking capability? They have those, too! What puts their line of eyewear above the rest is the fact that with every pair sold you help them maintain a recurring eye clinic in a small village in Costa Rica. These ladies have the biggest hearts!

Another reason why I'm such a fan of 2020 Eyemax is their office is so beautiful. Everything is new and state of the art. It is reminiscent of an Ikea, and who doesn't love Ikea?! They have eye-catching art on the walls, a bright and spacious lobby, and a wide selection of frames. Their staff is exceedingly helpful and friendly. You are treated like a VIP from the moment you enter their office. In the past I've gone to one of those discount places and stood around like a bunch of sheep waiting for someone to get around to helping me, wasting precious time, just to save a few bucks. At 2020 Eyemax, you get the exceptional treatment you deserve AND at a great price point. It's the best!

If you are one of the poor souls, like myself, who suffers from dry eye, or you've been told in the past you're not a candidate for contacts, come to 2020 Eyemax and get evaluated by Drs. Carpenter and Lane. They are highly experienced with these special eye issues and will work hard to resolve them to your satisfaction. Life is short; you want to look and feel your best. Most importantly, you want to see clearly this big beautiful world around us. Take our advice and make your next eye appointment with 2020 Eyemax. You will be so glad you did!

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May 16, 2021

It appears blue horizontal stripes were quite the thing that year. 🙂

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