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Kentucky Festivals Galore!

By Braxton Caudill

One of my absolute favorite activities to enjoy with family and friends, especially during the summertime, is festivals. For me, there’s an almost child-like excitement that comes along with taking in the sights, smells and activities of a festival. There have been quite a few taking place around the state already this summer, but those numbers are miniscule compared to the sheer amount happening in July and August.

Nearly 150 festivals are scheduled to occur in towns scattered across the state over the next two summer months. Along with this comes endless opportunities to indulge in foods, activities, arts and crafts and shopping unique to each location. This means that whatever your hobbies, interests or tastes are, there is a festival just for you! As I scrolled through the extensive list of Kentucky festivals, what stands out are the names given to these events. There sure are some interesting ones! I have grown up making memories at the Ham Festival in Cadiz and the Apple Festival in Paintsville, these seem tame compared to some on the index. There is a Lebowski Fest, Snappin’ Chaplin Turtle Derby, and Little Green Men Festival, among many. Whether you enjoy something traditional, or a little far fetched, you can find it in a Kentucky festival!

Photo Courtesy of Crave Music Festival

Having an enjoyable time is obviously the main goal for attending festivals here in Kentucky, but here’s some food for thought. Every event consists of family-owned food vendors and local artists and businesses. Every way in which you interact with them helps grow their brand, which is a supremely important aspect for the small business owners of Kentucky. This is extremely important as these small businesses rebound from the pandemic.

There's no excuse not to be outside enjoying this beautiful Kentucky summer. Use this link to find the perfect festival for you and your family and get going!


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