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"Even in Hard Times, We Always Have Each Other"

Article written by Mryna Hill

With the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdowns of most public businesses and sparse grocery shelves, it is easy to forget about others in need when you are scared of what’s to come. However, there are still people who seek to help others and come together to take care of their community, even in the most uncertain times.

I am from Ashland, KY, a small city in the eastern part of the state. Ashland is a close-knit community, with countless organizations and individuals who dedicate themselves to making sure the needs of others are met. With schools and businesses alike closed, many families worry how they will make ends meet. In addition, the shortage of medical supplies puts those on the front lines of this pandemic at risk. I love Ashland and have always felt this is my home, and am proud of the community in which I was raised. I am just absolutely blown away at how Ashland citizens have come together to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Blanton

The Ashland Independent School District has served thousands of meals to school-aged children by personally delivering to homes. Teachers have taken time out of their day to drive through their students' neighborhoods so they can wave and see them from their front yards. Local grocery stores have dedicated the first hour of business to elderly-only shopping, so those at higher risk can shop without fear. Restaurants are offering curbside service and delivery which residents take advantage of to support local. A nonprofit has even begun 3D printing masks and other medical devices to give to hospitals as they face shortages. Churches were offering “drive-in” sermons, but have instead utilized technology to deliver the message to their congregations, thus keeping them safe at home!

This isn’t even all of what is happening in Ashland; there is so much more. Not only Ashland, but cities around the state are doing their best to support others during this trying time. In a time full of fear, anxiety, and literal isolation, it is so heartwarming to see community members spreading positivity from the local level, like in Ashland, all the way to Governor Beshear, as he leads our commonwealth through this pandemic. Even if we are all socially isolating, we are not alone!

(This article was written by our intern Myrna Hill who had to leave Lexington and return to her hometown of Ashland when the University of Kentucky was shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. It is her senior year and she is finishing her studies online. We are so sad for these graduating seniors! They're missing out on so much and now facing an uncertain job market. Further, our hearts go out to all Kentuckians as we battle this virus together. We are comforted and inspired by the many acts of kindness, seflessness and sacrificial love that is being displayed in communities all across the Commonwealth. The situation is tough, but as Myrna says, we always have each other. We are #TeamKentucky.)


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