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Burger Week Has Arrived!

Article written by Seth Cambron

This week is an exciting one as the annual Lexington Burger Week is taking place. Numerous restaurants across Lexington this week are participating in this special event and you can find some of the most unique and tasty burgers in town, all for just $6. The chef’s ability to think outside the box is what makes burger week so special here in Lexington. At first glance some of these crazy toppings may make you hesitant, but once you dive in you won’t regret it. Luckily I’ve tried out a few this week that have been fantastic that I highlighted below.

With Drake’s being a local favorite spot in Lexington, the “Beerfest Burger” definitely lived up to the expectations. The burger consisted of a single patty topped with beer cheese, pickles, mustard, and cole slaw…Yes, cole slaw. The burger was fantastic to say the least. Absolutely worth carving out a time this week to stop by and divulge. Make sure to not mix up the Drake’s locations as each one is serving up different burgers this week!


Though technically a chain, Ted’s Montana Grill brought the heat for 2020 burger week…. literally. The “Green and Hot” burger consisting of pepper jack cheese, jalapenos and guacamole was another fantastic burger that this great week has to offer. I had the option of substituting beef for bison, which had a different taste but still fantastic. I highly recommend this burger to anyone that loves hot and spicy food!


For a list of all participating restaurants and burgers, click here! Do our local businesses and your stomach a favor!


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