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Star Treatment...for a day

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Do y'all remember that show on TLC called What Not to Wear? It showed the transformation of, shall we say, a fashion-challenged person with the help of Clinton Kelly and Stacy London, two stylists, along with makeup and hair experts. I absolutely loved that show! I've seen every episode and thought on more than one occasion how cool that experience would be! I never understood the people on there who went clawing and scratching, begging to hold on to their nasty leggings and oversized sweatshirts. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want $5000 to spend on a new wardrobe and to be taken care of by celebrity stylists? Crazy! Well, Leigh and I discovered that you can have that kind of experience right here in Lexington at the Macy's in Fayette Mall, minus the $5000.

With the holiday party season in full swing, Leigh and I decided we needed a little help getting glammed up for some upcoming parties. Knowing a friend of ours, and fellow Henry Clay High School alum, was the personal shopper at Macy's, we contacted her to see what she could do for us. Boy, we were ever glad we did! The experience was unforgettable and better than that, it was completely free! Other than, of course, what we decided to purchase. But even then, we got great deals! So let's show you how this works so you can have the same royal treatment.

So a couple of things to keep in mind about using a personal shopper. First, Macy's doesn't charge for this personal shopper service which is awesome! So in case you missed that... it's FREE!!!! Second, if you are a person who hates to shop, this is the ideal setup as you can specifically request certain items and Jennifer will pick them and have them waiting in a beautiful wardrobe room at a time that's convenient for you. You can basically do 8 hours of shopping in a 1 1/2 hour session. That's what I call maximization of time!

Jennifer was awesome at getting our sizes and asking us questions about what we were looking for, the event itself, and other personal information she thought would help her get just the right outfits for us to try on. When we arrived at her office on the lower level of Macy's, she showed us three different looks. It was like a scene out of Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts' character goes shopping on Rodeo Drive, except no snooty sales reps! Leigh and I had such fun trying on things. Jennifer came in and would hear how we felt about each piece and would make suggestions on shoes, accessories, and even undergarments! (Yes, undergarments can make or break the outfit! Choose wisely!) At the end of it all, we had the perfect high-glam look and so we moved on to makeup.

The makeup counters at Macy's are unparalleled. They have top-notch lines with personnel ready to share makeup tricks and tips. Some of the makeup applications are free and some charge for the service, but the cost goes toward product, so you still come out ahead. This makeup service is perfect if you have a special occasion or if you are simply in a rut with your makeup routine and want to try something new. The lovely ladies at Bobbi Brown worked their magic on us and we ended up looking like two glamour dolls with just the right evening party look to compliment our beautiful dresses.

The final outcome of our few hours spent at Macy's was pretty good! Not too shabby! And the best part was how much fun we had, giggling and talking, trying on clothes and really feeling like stars even if it was just for a short time. Everyone needs to be pampered every now and then! And listen up, men! This service isn't just for ladies. No way. Jennifer will style you for an event, business or in everyday casual wear. Step up your game and have a seasoned professional help you look your best! You won't regret it and, heck, you may even like it!

You can reach Jennifer Maggard at Macy's by calling 859-271-7200 or booking your appointment at

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